Paddy Husker Performance Characteristics


    This Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) machine is mainly suitable for paddy peeling, wheat peeling, soybean peeling, mung bean peeling, sorghum and other miscellaneous grains.


    ◆High output and good effect

    ◆The peeling strength is adjustable. Easy to control peeling rate

    ◆Negative pressure inside the machine, clean and hygienic

    Main structure and working principle

    The paddy husker machine is mainly composed of a frame assembly, a spindle assembly, a feed adjusting device, a feeding hopper assembly, a ramp assembly, a shroud assembly, a propulsion chamber assembly, an instrument assembly, a pressure door assembly, a draft tube assembly, an upper and lower beam assembly, Motor base assembly, sieve plate, bearing housing, motor, belt and other components. During operation, the paddy enters the propulsion chamber from the feed hopper through the flow feed adjusting device, is transported to the sanding roller by the auger, and spirally advances along the surface of the sand roller, and the sand surface of the sand roller rotates at a certain line speed, Milling the husk layer. And make the grain and the grain. The grain of paddy and the sieve plate rub against each other. The skin is peeled and polished, and the epidermis is ruptured after the whole wheat peeling. At the same time, the two-way wind input of the main shaft is supplemented by a strong suction wind net, so that the powder is separated from the paddy grain.

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