How to Detect Rice Polisher Equipment


    Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) equipment boot test machine

    After the engine is running normally, run the test run from 1st to 2nd, 3rd and then reverse, check the steering mechanism, turn to the left and right respectively, brake, interlocking mechanism, whether the clutch is sensitive and reliable, and whether the clutch is completely separated. Feel the shift is light, the meter is running normally, if there is any abnormality, stop immediately and troubleshoot.

    ●Test rice polisher equipment engine

    The engine test run time is generally: cold grinding for 6 hours, hot grinding in the low speed, medium speed, high speed sequence, followed by 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

    During the commissioning process, pay attention to the temperature gauge of the oil pressure gauge and the oil, and whether the water temperature gauge is stable within the specified range. Listen carefully to the sound of the engine and observe whether there is abnormal noise.

    ● Remember to check the condition of each component after one round of test drive.

    Check for loose fasteners, bushings, bearings with signs of heat, belts and chains that are loose and worn, heat out the engine oil sump, gearbox, lubricant in the reduction gear and hydraulic tank Hydraulic oil and thoroughly clean the filter at each part.

    ●Check the working process of separation, cutting, threshing and unloading of rice polisher equipment

    The order of operation should be small throttle, medium throttle, large throttle, first partial, and then fully carried out. The manufacturer of water-repellent rice processing equipment should pay more attention to whether the operation of each part is normal, whether there is noise, whether the hydraulic components and monitoring instruments are moving. Free and stable, once the problem is found, it should be stopped immediately and then continue to test. The time is usually: 3 hours for small throttle, 2 hours for medium throttle, and 1 hour for big throttle.

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