Traditional Paddy Husker Opportunities See the Internet of Thin


    Recently, the new IoT intelligent Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) developed by relying on the Internet of Things technology is expected to change people's eating habits and form a new trend of eating rice. The new paddy husker makes a series of intelligent changes in traditional rice production.

    The new generation of intelligent paddy husker is positioned as a paddy husker terminal covering many places in first- and second-tier cities such as communities, banks, supermarkets, canteens, apartments and major neighborhoods. It is understood that the first batch of new IoT intelligent paddy huskers will be mainly placed in the community, serving community residents around the clock, providing fresh, safe, nutritious, healthy and fully traceable fresh rice to the community.

    According to the research and development personnel, the new IoT intelligent paddy husker or the traditional paddy husker combines the products of the Internet of Things technology, and tackles the technology of milling and retaining embryos. By adding the multi-scale milling module, consumers can choose brown rice and germ according to their preferences. Rice or polished rice. At the same time, by improving the sensing sensitivity of the rice milling device, the rice can be transformed from fast to slow, only the rice is shelled and moderately polished, the germ endosperm and epidermal nutrients are preserved, unnecessary processing is reduced, and grain processing is avoided as much as possible. Waste in the process. Calculated with 100 kg of rice, the new IoT intelligent paddy husker can produce 72-75 kg of rice, but after finishing polishing many times, only 58-60 kg of polished white rice remains.

    At present, China's grain processing industry has low product technology content and low quality products, which seriously restricts the upgrading of grain processing industry. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to explore a new path for the transformation and upgrading of the grain industry. After the introduction of "Smart China", the Internet of Things was identified as an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the economy. The application of the Internet of Things technology in the research of the grain industry, the role of the grain processing and transformation engine, the use of the Internet of Things technology to drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and optimize the status of China's “rice and rice weak” grain industry is the trend of the times.

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