Precautions for Disassembling Rice Huller Equipment


    The equipment of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment adopts advanced technology, excellent equipment and strong speciality. It is widely used in major enterprises and grain processing industries. However, the application of rice huller equipment is so frequent, and failures are also a frequent problem. After the failure, we will carry out the disassembly for maintenance work, and what problems should we pay attention to when disassembling the rice huller equipment? In response to this issue, I will give you a detailed introduction to this aspect.

    The following three points should be noted when disassembling rice huller equipment:

    1. During the process of dismantling the rice huller equipment, personnel should pay attention to the fact that the parts are attached to the above-mentioned impurities or thick dust, pay attention to timely cleaning to ensure safety and sanitation, and can not impact the parts violently, which may cause deformation of parts and affect the use.

    2. The mechanical structure is mostly complicated, in order to avoid the process of disassembly and assembly machinery, resulting in component damage or damage, personnel should pay attention to the gradual disassembly work according to the instructions, do not blindly quickly one of the parts at the same time, the probability of failure is low, the staff can choose not disassembly saves time.

    3. After the disassembly work is completed, the personnel should pay attention to the nature of the materials and the accuracy of the parts to be classified. In addition, it is found that the parts are very worn, pay attention to timely update, or have other damages, pay attention to maintenance, if you can continue to use, pay attention to orderly installation. To facilitate it to create more value.

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