Method of Operating Rice Destoner Equipment


    First of all, it is still a daily inspection and maintenance. Machinery and equipment such as Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment usually need annual overhaul. In the annual overhaul, the motor should be dismantled and maintained, the bearing is cleaned or replaced, the insulation is monitored, and the cooling system is perfected to ensure that the motor is in good condition run.

    Make sure the control system is working properly. For each electrical component in the secondary line of the control motor, it is necessary to check and maintain it regularly to ensure its integrity. The overcurrent short circuit protection device should be regularly checked to ensure reliable and sensitive operation, so that the motor is always in good operating state.

    In addition, the use of rice destoner equipment, if it is carried out indoors in the winter, the appropriate temperature can increase work efficiency. For air volume adjustment, the air volume control valve is usually opened to a larger position, the air volume is too small, and the air duct under the main unit is easy to precipitate materials. In addition, dust and debris should be cleaned in time to avoid reaction with equipment, causing corrosion of parts and reducing service life.

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