California Streetlight Survey Provides Important Insights Into


    Whether you're a business owner exploring real estate public lighting or a Bay Area developer looking to deploy a cost-effective public lighting(CLASSIC) system, the new California Street Light Survey can illuminate your choices and best practices.

    California Outdoor Lighting at the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) in California, Kelly Cunningham, discussed the findings of her and team at the recent Miami Annual Meeting of the California Lighting Engineering Society.

    Why are local governments so conservative about their public lighting choices?

    More than half of the cities surveyed maintain their own lights. Although the statistics show a conservative mindset, Cunningham's data shows strange nuances. Savings do not seem to spur innovation. But many stakeholders do appreciate the environmental case of newer/better lighting.

    The survey found adaptive control of mixed signals. Adaptive lighting does offer enormous potential for cost savings and flexibility, but many city leaders and other stakeholders are concerned that certain technologies, such as static occupancy sensing, have not yet prepared for the big time. (You don't want the highway light to malfunction due to a software failure.)

    If you are a business owner or real estate developer who is curious about new lighting technologies, such as public lighting or adaptive lighting, then you may not be as conservative about the subject.

    You obviously want to make sure your property or facilities are in compliance and provide safe lighting for employees and visitors. But you are also concerned about the bottom line. Providing a new “lighting paradigm” for your business or facility can have an impact on your budget and play a negligible role in reducing energy consumption.

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