China Will Develop A Leader in LED Public Lighting Manufacturin


    People are very interested in China's efforts in Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) and the debate about whether it failed. I believe China will become one of the top ten LED companies in the world in the next five years. China's huge domestic market is ready to consume LEDs, the market power behind low-power and medium-power LEDs, the government's unwavering support, the proven speed of progress over the past two years, and the ability to spend freely, LED public lighting has the secret of success.

    There is no doubt that so far, LED public lighting efforts have stumbled. Luke Johnson's article on China's commercialization methods in the September issue of LED Magazine provides a theory of struggle. But there are Chinese companies with potential for success, so let's discuss the status of these companies, China's manufacturing industry, and how Chinese companies can succeed.

    Since the beginning of the 21st century, China has been paying attention to the LED industry. However, after seeing the fruitless and frustrating years of the LED industry taking off outside China, the central government decided to encourage industry to purchase MOCVD systems at the same time as its own development efforts in 2010. This “encourage” effort has escaped the central government's control over local municipalities, government agencies to subsidize MOCVD systems, and free land and other incentives for building LED factories and companies.

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