LED Street Lights Manufacturers Has Entered The Final Stage of


    The Northumberland County Council and Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) have launched a three-year project to replace more than 40,000 street lights with more energy-efficient LED street lights. This project will be completed next summer.

    According to the local government, the project is entering the final months of a three-year project that converts more energy-efficient LED streetlights from streetlight suppliers into all Northumberland streetlights, including 16,000 miles. light. Walk into the end of their lives.

    Traditional street lamps are equivalent to a large amount of electricity bills from local governments. In addition, a short duration means a huge maintenance cost of lighting costs.

    So far, about 32,000 new lights have been installed. These lights improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians and provide a good level of energy savings.

    The replacement of traditional orange lamps by the new white LED street lights provided by LED street lights manufacturers will provide greater efficiency as a superior means of saving energy and maintenance costs to local authorities. The more efficient LED streetlights installed can reduce energy costs by approximately 64% compared to replacement. It is estimated that it will save more than $1.3 million annually.

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