Public Lighting Is Revolutionizing Outdoor Sports


    Sports fans may notice some changes taking place in outdoor stadiums and arenas where their favorite teams play. The old metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights in these facilities are being eliminated and replaced by new public lighting(CLASSIC). Fans can see new public lighting, for example, in the home stadiums of the National Football League's Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. The NFL is probably the most well-known league to use public lighting, but universities and other public outdoor sports venues are also following the trend of light emitting diodes. When considering the advantages of light emitting diodes over traditional public lighting, it is easy to understand why light emitting public lighting is changing outdoor sports.

    A typical professional or university outdoor football field holds 10 to 15 football matches every year. Football stadiums have little or no revenue because they are not used. Stadium operators need to find ways to make the best use of these facilities and save operating costs to justify the existence of stadiums and the capital expenditure for their construction. For stadium operators, public lighting is a key component to solve this problem.

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