Water Purifier Spare Parts Maintenance Plan


    1. Clean or replace the filter element frequently. If the Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) is not cleaned for a long time, the water production of the machine will be reduced and the water quality will deteriorate.

    2. After inserting the water purifier, it will always be in working condition. If not used for a long time, turn off the power.

    3. Use a water purifier for ten minutes.

    4. Do not place the water purifier in a place that is hot, humid or outdoors.

    5. After installing the water purifier, do not move it and disassemble it at will.

    Treatment of water purifier accessories during freezing

    1. The entire water purifier must be placed indoors at room temperature above 8 °C for 36 hours and then used continuously.

    2. Do not force mechanical water during this time, otherwise it will damage the machine.

    3. Check if there is any water leakage after starting the machine. If there is any water leakage, re-tighten the corresponding parts or contact the after-sales service department.

    Unopened reverse osmosis membrane icing

    If the unopened reverse osmosis membrane is icy, it can be placed in the cold water of the room together with the package before use. If forced to use, the RO membrane may be damaged.

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