Insufficient Water Pressure Causes The Water Purifier Spare Par


    Water purifiers can bring me more healthy living water and drinking water, and it is very convenient to use, but sometimes we often encounter more embarrassing problems. At the peak of water use, the water pressure is relatively low, and the water pressure standard of the water purifier is not reached, and the Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) cannot work. Especially for residents living in the upper floors, even if it is not the peak period of water use, the water output speed of the water purifier is still relatively slow. This problem is common in household RO reverse osmosis water purifiers. How to solve this problem?

    First, install the booster pump

    If the water pressure in the home is really low, we can install a booster pump or a self-priming pump to increase the pressure of the water. It is not too troublesome to install, so that the water pressure can reach the water purifier water pressure standard, and the water purifier can be well discharged. The Bayer booster pump is recommended here for excellent performance, low noise and long service life.

    Installation precautions: Before preparing for installation, first check whether there is any foreign matter in the booster pump, first clean it up; the flow of water should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the booster pump, and install it in a vertical or horizontal manner; A valve can be added in front of the booster pump for future maintenance. In addition, a pressure gauge should be installed outside the outlet of the booster pump to check the water pressure after boosting. The booster pump for the water purifier is suitable for municipal tap water. The self-priming pump is suitable for rural users without tap water, so don't choose the wrong one.

    Second, replace the RO reverse osmosis water purifier with booster pump

    If you feel that your home water purifier needs to be replaced, or if you are going to install a water purifier and don't want to install a booster pump yourself, then you can consider purchasing a water purifier with a booster pump, which will save a lot of money. trouble.

    Installation precautions: In addition to having the right space, there is nothing to pay attention to, because the seller is providing free on-site installation services.

    In addition to the above two methods, the water purifier needs to clean the filter frequently to prevent the filter membrane from being blocked by the impurities in the water. This is also a way to increase the water output.

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