Take You to Know The Pressure Barrel in The Water Purifier Spar


    Important Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) also include pressure barrels. As we all know, the water purifier is composed of many accessories such as filter element, check valve, solenoid valve, pressure barrel, etc. Although these accessories have different structures, they are all compact in size. There is only one big accessory similar to "capsule", which is large in size and occupies a lot of home space. These water purifier spare parts is a pressure barrel.

    Although many beginners in the wholesale of water purifier spare parts will do their homework in advance to learn more about the pressure barrel. However, not everyone in the water purification industry really knows what a pressure barrel is and what it does. Consumers are even more confused.

    The so-called "pressure bucket" is actually a water storage bucket, but this water storage bucket is a water storage bucket that works under pressure-the water purifier uses the pressure of the airbag inside the pressure bucket to drain and feed water.

    An inflatable airbag is embedded in the pressure barrel of the water purifier. When drinking water enters the barrel, the airbag is squeezed, so that the water inlet is subjected to reverse pressure. When the reverse pressure is equal to the water inlet pressure, the pressure barrel is filled with water. At this time, the water inlet stops, and the water making process of the water purifier ends and stops. Then, when the user needs to drink water, turn on the faucet, and the opposite side of the water yearns for outflow, generating outward pressure, and the water flows out. This is how the pressure barrel circulates water into and out of the water to complete the entire water making the process of the water purifier.

    As an important water purifier spare parts, there is a pressure of 2-3kg in the pressure barrel to ensure stable and smooth water outlet from the water purifier. Take a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier as an example: since the reverse osmosis membrane has high filtration accuracy, it can remove most of the impurities in the water, but it also affects the water flow rate. If we do not use the pressure system, we can directly turn on the faucet and only see a small amount of water dripping down. Therefore, each water purifier needs to be equipped with a pressure barrel, and through the reaction force of the airbag therein, the water yield is increased.

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