Can Ro System Component Remove Heavy Metals?


    What is the water purification capacity of the ro system component after integrating the scale inhibition and low wastewater functions? In particular, how about the ability to remove heavy metal ions?

    First, why can the Ro System Component(KOKOELECTRIC) remove heavy metal ions? Because its membrane pores are small, only 0.0001 microns. Driven by external pressure, sewage rich in heavy metal ions is forced to flow to the other side of the membrane pore. Because the pores of the membrane are much smaller than the size of heavy metal ions, heavy metal ions cannot pass, and the water is purified. The trapped heavy metal ions are discharged from the body with the wastewater.

    Secondly, although the wastewater ratio of the ro system component is only 1:1, its wastewater ratio is not reduced by expanding the pore diameter. It is achieved by improving the power structure, diaphragm structure, and channel settings. That is to say, the pore size of the water-saving membrane is still 0.0001 micron, so no matter how, heavy metal ions will not pass through the membrane pores, and consumers do not have to worry.

    Then, through repeated experiments, the reverse osmosis system components have a very good scale inhibition effect, which can better protect the RO membrane and prolong its service life. In line with China's sustainable development strategy of energy conservation, environmental protection, and green, it has been recognized and popular by many users.

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