Water Purifier Spare Parts Have Good Water Purification Effect


    As people continue to improve their quality of life, more and more people are paying attention to health topics, health, air health, and drinking water. Water is the spring of life, no one can leave the water to survive, so household environmental protection products household Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) are gradually favored by the general public. Today, when the water purifier sales are hot, the functions of the water purifier spare parts are also passed on. Even some manufacturers claim that their water purifiers have healing functions. Is water purifier spare parts really amazing?

    The water purifier is still very magical, but this magic is not the magic that can cure all diseases. The water purifier can cure the disease and it is pure nonsense. It is only in this water pollution incident that it is very lucky to have a water purification product that has greatly improved the water quality to a certain extent. But the water purifier market is not perfect, and today, there are still many problems.

    1. The water purifier has many functions and different prices.

    The investigation found that there are more and more water purification methods for water purifier products on the market, but mainly through sand filtration, membrane filtration, resin exchange, activated carbon adsorption, etc., to disinfect and filter impurities in the water to improve the taste. The purpose of improving water quality.

    They are also water purification products, but the prices are very different, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. In fact, water purifier products should be treated rationally. It is not all that the price determines the quality of the product. It may be due to different filter elements and different water purification methods, which will result in different price points. For example, ultrafiltration water purifiers and activated carbon water purifiers, their filter material materials have different life spans, ultrafiltration water purifier filter can be used for about 3 years, and activated carbon can only be used for about 1 month. The ultrafiltration filter has a slightly higher technological content than the activated carbon filter, and the processing technology is relatively high, so there will be a gap in price.

    2. Negative reports lead to deviations in consumer judgment

    The water from the water purifier can cure the disease, and the water filtered by the water purifier will cause secondary pollution. Such reports are not uncommon, and there are different news about the good and bad of the water purifier products. In order to promote products, sellers often add new colors to the water inlets with some attractive expressions, and some even mislead consumers for the purpose of slandering other brands of water purifiers. In fact, water purifier can only purify the water and improve the taste. The filtration principle of any water purifier manufacturer is the same.

    3. The water filtered by the water purifier should also vary according to local conditions.

    Not all water purifier products are suitable for everyone, and the choice of water purifiers is tailored to local conditions and varies from person to person. It is well known that China has a vast territory and the water quality is different. Therefore, when purchasing a water purifier, you should purchase a suitable water purifier product depending on the local environment. There is also a group of people who are suitable for the elderly. Children and children are more suitable for reverse osmosis type water purifiers. Although the treated water is less soluble in minerals in the water, the daily intake of minerals by elderly children should not be excessive; More minerals are needed for the ultrafiltration type, and the filtered water contains more mineral components.

    4. How good the water purifier products should also pay attention to maintenance

    The choice of household water purifier products, first, must have the health permit issued by the Ministry of Health and the manufacturer's recent test qualified report; secondly, pay attention to the water purification process and treatment effect in the manual; third, there must be perfect after-sales service; The last point is that consumers should do daily maintenance and cleaning, follow the precautions, clean up on time, and replace parts regularly.

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