Leaf Chain Lubricant Characteristics And Selection Criteria


    The lubricant of the leaf chain(GETECHAIN) should have the following characteristics:

    1. a viscosity low enough to allow the lubricating oil to penetrate the surface to be lubricated;

    2. Maintain a sufficiently high viscosity of the lubricant film or add suitable additives under normal bearing pressure;

    3. Clean and free of corrosive substances;

    4. Ability to maintain lubrication quality under normal operating conditions. In general, high-quality lubricants derived from petroleum and free of detergents can meet these requirements. Detergents are generally not required, but it is preferred to contain additives which are resistant to foaming, rust and oil film strength.

    Low quality or impure oils should be avoided. Low quality lubricants do not provide effective lubrication, and the acidic or abrasive particles can damage the leaf chain and are not repairable. Heavy oil or grease is too thick to penetrate into the inner surface of the leaf chain and should not be used.

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