What Are The Advantages of Roller Chain


    Advantages of Roller chain(GETECHAIN):

    1. Roller chain can effectively transmit power

    Because it will not slip. The speed ratio is fixed and absolute.

    2. The efficiency of the roller chain is 98%

    Under good lubrication, the efficiency of any load is quite good. This efficiency can be maintained throughout the service life.

    3. Roller chain versatility

    Can still operate effectively in dirty, oil, mixed gas and other harsh environments. A single power source can simultaneously drive multi-shaft output, and the speed can be adjusted by the dynamic size of the ratchet gear.

    4. Roller chain vibration absorption capacity

    The chain itself has service elasticity, and when the oil film is stored in each component, it can protect the shaft and motor from impact force and strain.

    5. Lightweight and small space

    It is narrow in width and can be installed in a very small space, occupying less space per unit of transmitted horsepower.

    6. Roller chain durability

    Since the load is shared by many teeth on the ratchet gear, every single gear bears little force to ensure its service life.

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