A participant of Runescape from 2004

  • I whole heartedly concur that you're feeling such a sense of achievement Runescape. It is the biggest plus for me. I love the humor. The questing is adored by me. Back when I played with it initially I had a cape, cape that is thieving and cape with OSRS gold. So many MMOs (cough cough WoW cough cough) are just a rush rush rush to finish game content. Runescape is definitely about the journey.Great video and a great intro for players who may be on the fence regarding whether to perform or not.

    However, since a participant of Runescape from 2004 - EOC (I'm now 23, ouch) the reason I never picked up OSRS was since you need to begin all over again from scratch. By what I have observed the game also looks much more grindy than it used to be, however this may be an unfair assumption as most content creators concentrate more on flawless accounts, pking and grinding rather than the stuff I used to do all of the time (clan wars, castle wars largely ). In any event, if you're new, play Runescape - it is fantastic.

    The best MMORPG that exists and even after being ruined by the introduction EoC (very big error according to me)they still managed to do a good comeback after a lot of people left like that.I've spent 5k+ hours on original rs and Old School, could be spending more on it if It wasn't so addicted and ridiculously great. Hopefully I will see some gameplay in the future but until then, can only recommend Runescape for people looking for quality along with another life (if you are like this ). Whats wrong with Runesape 3? Thats exactly what I perform I mean I also play OSRS but play Runescape3, I say this because everyone says runescape is great if you get beyond the graphicsyou can get past the graphics from Runescape3 lol.

    I wished to get all Kourend factions to 100%.One of these requires you at the start to fix fishing cranes. For these you need planks as well as level 30 crafting ability. Wooden planks are easy just chop a few trees, to get and provide them to the wood man who makes planks out of it. You can achieve this quite fast if you have good agility level and magic to teleport back into the city for the lender. To find degree 30 you will need to level by crafting gold bracelets it, which works best. For these you need gold bars which require level 40 mining and smithing to create. (Of course you can buy cheap RS gold, but why buy if you can train your skills at precisely the same moment? Also it is pricey ).The matter is, I have my gripes of battle but they come from experience. I think that the'level scaling' you're talking about is your Combat Level system which I would agree is flawed. Individuals cheese it out into the intense, and I wholeheartedly agree that there is very little skill involved in a fight between one individual who is optimized for PVP against another who is just playing the match in their leisure.Yes there should be a subscription, that is where Jagex gets most of their money. No, if you would like less grind you need to play another sport or Runescape 3. Runescape 3 has any in comparison, yet people don't enjoy it much.