ANKAMA group has announced its partnership

  • Ankama Group, creators of this delightful tactical strategy MMORPG Dofus, have signed a deal with Microsoft to deliver their latest creation into the Xbox Live Arcade with Dofus Kamas. Wakfu is now Ankama's large cross-media undertaking, that unites a fresh MMO set 1,000 years following Wakfu, which ties in with a animated cartoon, card Dofus sport, comic book, and now an Xbox Live Arcade title due in late 2009. Islands of Wakfu will be an experience beat-em up name that shows all-new background content from Dofus and Wakfu, which two Dofus gamers are going to be able to play in team mode.

    I really have a flyer out of Wakfu I picked up at Dofus Convention in Leipzig, simply because the artwork style was so cute. I would just have to pick it up based on sheer cuteness alone as long as Islands of Wakfu follows match. I am such a girl sometimes. Check out the screenshots from Dofus below! Roubaix, France -- 18th December 2008 -- ANKAMA group, creator of globally famous MMORPG, DOFUS, is teaming up with Microsoft to develop its 1st console-based video Dofus game.

    ANKAMA group has announced its partnership for Islands of Wakfu's growth, its 1st offering for the generation of Dofus consoles.

    Temporis servers are in permanent war on Dofus and while the Brakmarians are getting forward, a big change will soon come into play to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro. Very soon, it should be balanced with the coming of a single merger of servers! On Tuesday, August 13, all Temporis III servers, from I to V, will be merged into a single. The classic mix rules will apply too. If your nickname is already taken along with the character who took this nickname did it until you (through a reservation), you will lose it, regaining a suffix using the title of your initial server. The team is currently experienced on the subject.