Lightweight Fabric Has Good Drapability


    1. Soft fabrics: Soft fabrics are generally Lightweight Fabric(WANSHIYITEX) with good drape, smooth modelling lines and natural clothing contours. Soft fabrics are usually knitted fabrics and silk fabrics, as well as soft and thin linen fabrics.

    2. Cool fabric: The cool fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume, and can form rich clothing contours. Common fabrics include cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy and linen. This kind of fabric can be used to highlight the design of clothing modelling accuracy. For example, the design of suits.

    3. Gloss fabric: The surface is smooth and can reflect light, giving it a sense of brightness. This kind of fabric includes satin fabric, usually evening dress and performance dress.

    4. Transparent fabric: The transparent fabric is light, light and elegant, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect.

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