There's always OSRS for the actual rs experience

  • Also - Yak Tracks are available for 6 weeks, so that RS gold do allow for that breathing room to finish tasks if you really do need to explore at your leisure and return to them later on when you're more comfortable with the skill. Im interested in the rewards. During the initial one, that you published during 120 farm/herb, there were rewards which gave you +2% herblore xp boost for the duration of the event (+6percent in total if I recall correctly). Since MTX is handicapped for archeology I hope you are not pulling something similar with this Yaktrack with a ridiculous explanation"Its not MTX, it is an event"... We know alot of the jobs are archeology related.

    This is each time event goes. The point is, these events do cause a type of urgency and stress to finish off.

    I really don't like how the 100 percent 10 key opportunity tricks people into thinking they overlooked another black gem rarity item, like the 100mil or darkness gem things. Why are 10 treasure hunter secrets a black gem thing in the event the chance to receive them is 100 percent on your first key for the promotion? I really don't like how it's given to you as 100% with the start of this promotion yet it is not suggested in any way in the'perspective probabilities' display. As if anybody actually needed proof you shouldn't be expecting whatever probabilities they tell youpersonally, but hey. Bears repeating. Some people really aren't conscious of that.

    I believe the criticism is much more about the manipulative character of this rather then the truth it's"free keys". It's a common strategy called"the first ones free" where you give somebody a free strike on something that you know could be considered addictive in order to get the ball rolling in hopes they'll spend more. While many us understand the free keys are a 100% fall because of events that are previous. You will find people STILL who do not and assume they have super lucky. And individuals who have gambling addictions will 100 percent pursue that winners high regardless of the fact that they essentially won nothing.

    Such a weird complaint tbh, especally when this promo has ever worked to buy 2007 runescape gold like this. They provide 10thk first roster, and frankly thats the prize to you. Why do I want gp or darts when I keep going and really could acquire a 10 more secrets? Apply the"keep moving" logic to someone hooked on TH and spending IRL money on it. Does not seem to be an ethical point. There's a reason why more than 90% of MTX earnings comes in less than 10 percent of the participant base.If you remove the junkies, then the cost goes up significantly or the match shuts down. You can spew that"ethical" shit all you want, but without that, you don't have a game to playwith.