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  • India holds many magnificent landscapes offering hiking experiences compatible for any new adventurer to the pro trekking individuals. The glorious nation not only houses the arena’s most famous mountain range, referred to as the Himalayas, but additionally countless trekking trails throughout tropical rainforests, hills and valleys. There are trekking trails placed within the north and across the Himalayas reminiscent of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Further, south, one shall be finding the palm trees lined up with the sandy shorelines and the tropical neighbourhood of Kerala cannot manage to be overlooked too.

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    1. Uttarakhand: you can actually trek the valley of flora, Kedarkantha Summit and Roopkund. These climbing trails houses many secrets and mysteries of nature. Have fun in uneven covered hills, clear lakes, snow-capped peaks and flower stuffed gardens being on the mountain climbing expedition. If you are a pictures addict, this journey offers you innumerable possibilities to click strong pictures too. Uttarakhand has for long been referred to as Devbhoomi which literally translates to land of the gods. This is precisely because of the beauty of the place here. It also boasts of having one of the best views of the Himalayas. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations of India. In Uttarakhand you will come across everything right from natural forest reserves, national parks and hills that give a serene look to this magnificent state. Nainital which is famous honeymoon destination is also located in Uttarakhand as well.

    2. Chadar, Ladakh: The Chadar trek (Zanskar Trek), is an extraordinary expertise to indulge within the degrees of Himalayas. This trek occurs over the frozen River called Zanskar that is a thick sheet of ice in the course of the winters. Make your path over this sheet of ice and manoeuvre the narrow ridges. Various activities that you can indulge in Ladakh are Skiing, Trekking, Rafting.

    3. Chembra Peak, Kerala: The Chembra is placed in Wayanad referred to as the tallest height in Kerala. Serenity prevails in each corner of the peak’s grassy secret meadows. It also offers a calming supply of silence especially whilst you are taking a small loiter by following the part of heart-formed lake. Kerala has for long been referred to as God’s own country thanks to its lush serene greenery. It is one of the most frequent holiday destinations of India and sees lakhs of tourists visiting for rejuvenation throughout the year. The beaches of Kerala is the perfect place you can head to if you are looking forward to some relaxation time amidst nature. Also, make sure to explore the handicrafts and artefacts in the local markets that are available at affordable prices if you know how to bargain well.
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