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DOME Fiber Closure For Easy Assembly And Re-Entry

  • March 9, 2019 12:48 AM EST


    DOME Fiber Closure For Easy Assembly And Re-Entry


    DOME Fiber Closure is designed for grades above or below and supports up to six or more cable ports. The Dome Fiber Enclosed design features a unique sealed split end plate system that allows diameters up to 1.125" intermediate access cables. Branch or horizontal cables can be added to any of the four compression-seal input ports. Multiple cables (up to 6) Can be mounted using multi-port gaskets with fiber caps. The installation of outdoor fiber caps does not require special tools, adhesives or adhesives. Integrated loose storage and hinged trays maximize storage and contact with fiber and fiber The fiber optic dome includes a fiber optic connector tray.

    We also have an external factory base for splicing and terminating cables. The split base design of the base allows the SC duplex adapter to cut the fiber optic cable for mid-span access and terminate up to 48 connector cables. The separator used in this product has a double cone design and is mounted in the lower connector tray. The base consists of 24 fiber optic connector trays and all the hardware needed to secure the three cables. This design is also suitable for cross-connect applications, saving the cost of a separate cabinet.

    The Dome Fiber Closure is a "all parts" that includes a sealed connector box for easy assembly and re-entry. The closure is designed with a sealed end plate for intermediate cable applications and an easy-to-install "no special tool" sealing system. All major hardware is installed in the factory for quick installation. Universal multi-center washers and compressed lateral or branch cable seals make mounting the enclosure very simple.

    The Fb23-4379-96DE is a mid-size enclosure for antenna, base and underground applications. The dome includes a 24-fiber connector tray that accommodates four connector trays.

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