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Passive Component DOME Fiber Closure Mode

  • March 14, 2019 2:29 AM EDT


    Passive Component DOME Fiber Closure Mode


    The Greentel DOME Fiber Closure is a mechanical pressure gland system that provides continuity protection between adjacent cables to provide optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity.

    The anti-shielding fiber splice box is a passive device that provides a reliable guarantee for fiber optic connections. It is divided into overhead, pipeline and direct burial applications; there are two internal connection methods: direct connection and disconnection.

    The straight-through connection is to connect two optical cables of the same core number; the split connection is to separate one large-core optical cable and one or more small-quantity optical cables from each other or to cross-connect multiple optical cables. The backbone network is usually dominated by the pass-through mode, and the access layer is mainly based on inconsistency. The connections between the fibers are divided into mechanical connections and heat-shrink connections. The straight-through connection mechanically disconnects the fiber to be connected using a mechanical connector. The core is aligned by the concentricity of the joints used to weld the fibers that need to be joined together by a hot melt sleeve and secured and protected by a heat shrink sleeve.

    In an optical communication network, since the length of the optical cable is limited and the optical cable needs to branch on the transmission line, a fiber optic connector is produced, and the fiber splice closure provides conditions for connection and branching. Cable and protect the connector.

    Fiber connector closure function:

    With excellent environmental applicability, reliability and water resistance, it fully meets the life requirements of optical communication systems.

    The fiber optic and splice closures are easily and quickly secured to the rod and tower in the fiber splice closure. Can be installed on the tower, cement pole.

    The fiber optic connector and excess length are laminated laminates and the joint protection is in the form of a hot melt heat shrink tubing.

    The information about DOME Fiber Closure :