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    March 14, 2019 11:17 PM EDT

    However, there are not many types of frozen vegetables currently on the market. The most common ones are the three-color vegetables commonly used in soups or fried rice. They are not able to cater to all consumers' taste preferences. The main reason is that not all vegetables are suitable for frozen vegetables. Generally, vegetables with a texture that is harder in texture, less prone to water loss, and that require long-term cooking to be cooked are the main processing objects. Therefore, you can know that if you want to preserve vegetables by killing them, it is also important to choose the right vegetables! The following gf-machine Vegetable Processing Machine manufacturer tells you how to make frozen vegetables at home?

    In fact, the basic effect of killing cyanine can be easily achieved by means of hot water or simple frying, but it is necessary to drain the water as much as possible before sealing the frozen because excessive moisture is left in the freezing process. Ice crystals are produced, and ice crystals destroy the structure of the vegetables, which in turn causes the vegetables to taste bad or become soft when they are cooked in ice.

    However, even if you learn the simple technique of killing cloves to preserve vegetables, you should remind everyone that this will not make the vegetable taste period become forever. Frozen vegetables will not let the vegetables in your refrigerator disappear. Eat it!