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DOME Fiber Closure Can Withstand Harsh Moisture

  • March 15, 2019 2:24 AM EDT


    DOME Fiber Closure Can Withstand Harsh Moisture


    DOME Fiber Closure provides an environmentally friendly seal on fiber optic cable connectors. In addition, the unit provides excellent cable strain relief and buffer tube storage. It can be fitted with all common cable jackets for buried, pipeline and aerospace applications. Due to its compact design, it is ideal for connecting low to medium cables. Easy to open and close makes the closure an ideal choice for accessing the network.

    Because the body of the closure consists of two half-shells made of plastic, it is resistant to all environmental influences. Suitable for buried, pipe and overhead lines for straight and branch applications Quick and easy access to a single splice tray Up to 60 joints Closed by reusable silicone for plain and ribbon fibers. Fully equipped with all components for easy operation. The splicing tray has an overlapping structure and is convenient to install. Fiber bending radium guarantees 40mm or more. Easy to install and re-enter with a common wrench.

    Excellent tamper-proof screw-opening type, protecting fibers and joints for durability. Withstands harsh humidity, vibration and extreme temperatures. High-quality plastic body material ensures durability for Φ8mm~Φ20mm cable antennas, underground, pipeline, manhole, and hand hole assembly to suit the ambient temperature of -40°C to +65°C.

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