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Design Principles For Home Villa Elevators

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    April 3, 2019 11:52 PM EDT


    Household Villa Elevators- advanced traction household elevator technology from Germany, machine room, minimum floor height 2600mm, minimum pit 150mm · First, clean and environmental protection: permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, permanent closed lubrication-free, no different Loud, no oil leakage. · Second, the hoistway occupying position is small: the minimum hoistway size only needs 850mm×850mm. · Third, according to the customer's well road non-standard custom, to achieve car size, door opening width. · Four, can achieve a ladder and multiple directions to open the door: through the door, 90 ° double open door, three open the door. · Five, a variety of ways to open the door: automatic split door, side open door, middle split door, hand-drawn door. · Six, a variety of beautiful and generous car, hall car door, ceiling lights, floor, handrails are optional. · Seven, 380v, 220v voltage can be, energy saving, equivalent to a refrigerator power consumption. · Eight, supporting villa elevator special paint steel structure, aluminum alloy derrick, not afraid of rust, durable.
    Four principles for the design of home villa elevators:
    1. Household villa elevators can do civil construction wells without steel structure wells or aluminum alloy shafts.
    2. The home villa elevator can do the traction type without hydraulic or screw elevator.
    3. Household villa elevators can be used as a counterweight gantry structure without a backpack structure or a strong drive structure.
    4. Household villa elevators can do automatic split doors without automatic folding open doors or hand-drawn doors.