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Ways To Reduce Alloy Steel Castings

  • April 8, 2019 10:51 PM EDT


    Ways To Reduce Alloy Steel Castings


    VentilationInitially we thought that due to humid problem gas in the mould is not able to release itself from Alloy Steel Castings mould, so by decreasing the humid atmosphere around mould, the porosity would decrease and the problem would be solved. To decrease the humid temperature inthe monsoon season, we provided ventilation through providing fans around mould, so ventilation increases. Keeping mould near fans increase the ventilation and humid weather decrease. This method did not help in reducing the porosity. The rejection rate was still the same instead it increases the cost of power consumption.

    Varying the curing timeAnother method was to increase the curing time of the mould. The standard time that company was using was 8hours. So, company decided to increase the curing time. They made and tested with different types of curing

    time.They used curing time like 12hours, 16hours, 20 hours and 24 hours. They started doing production alternative day so; mould can

    cure thorough out day. Also, with increase in curing time, theyprovided ventilation through fans around mould to

    decrease the humid atmosphere. So by combining them both general steps they try to reduce the porosity.This method did not help also

    and the rejection rate was still the same. Their production rate was decreased and the power cost increased due to ventilation

    through fans. So, profit was lost and the burden on company was increased.

    Varying the content of Resin in SandWe found that resin content is higher than the standard resin content in sand. So, varying

    the resin content might help in reducing the porosity. Following samples were made and tested with different curing time to

    check the samples with varied resin content. Standard sample with8hrscuring Standard sample with 12hrs curing Standard sample with

    16hrs curing Standard sample with 24hrscuring

    Varying the content of Clayin SandThe sand with 1-.5%-2% resin content and no clay content is called wash sand. Hence,

    using wash sand results in the solution of porosity.The solution for the reducing the porosity is the using wash sand

    available in market with 1.5%-2% resin content and no clay content in sand with original curing time 6-8hrs.The

    following table shows the comparison between the normal sand and with wash sand.