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What Happens To China Passenger Elevator In A Fire?

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    April 9, 2019 1:44 AM EDT


    Circumstance of the real possibility of being trapped inside the cabin if we take the wrong decision to try to leave a burning building by the use of the elevator; It must take into account other issues comprehensively advise against using elevators when fire threatens. The example, the sth. The fuel is in the lower part of the stay, we always remember that, in case The fire, should fluid or crouch walk as possible. The gas, as fluid is, looking to expand and take advantage of any space to do so; why chimneys work.
    This is what is called thermal convection phenomenon that makes ascend the hot gases. In case of fire-the similarities they are evident-the hollow of a lift or anode acts like a chimney, and it amounted fire gases produced. If in case of fire One or more persons are trapped in the cabin of an China Passenger Elevator, the chances that these victims have died of poisoning from smoke inhalation or as a result of the high temperatures to be achieved are very high. The cabin of a lift is not a watertight compartment And so burns and if the building the elevator serves, the smoke and fire come into it sooner or later. Cases in which an imprudent use of lifts in case of fire has ended in tragedy are countless. One of the latest was held in Argentina last October, when two pensioners died inside an elevator that decided to use to declare a fire in your building. The severity of accidents as indicated self-explanatory why the different regulations currently in force governing the use of lifts in cas e of accident and force to take note of the recommendations contained therein.