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Customized Polishing Automatic Line Manufacturer

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    April 10, 2019 8:54 PM EDT

    Today Customized Polishing Automatic line manufacturers share the professional precautions for polishing machine dust.

    First of all, protection measures should be in place to strengthen the protection equipment for workers, such as dust masks, dust-proof, etc., to provide cleaning outside the workshop. It can reduce the amount of harmful dust that workers call in, reduce the damage of harmful dust to the skin, and reduce the chance of occupational diseases. Perhaps some employees are not aware of the harm to certain diseases caused by certain processing. Enterprises should strengthen the supervision of employee protection measures and urge them to protect their own safety.

    The second is to upgrade and replace more advanced mechanical equipment for heavy dust operation. China's economy is constantly improving, and industrial transformation is proceeding in an orderly manner. Technology updates and equipment upgrades are all underway. Some traditional processing industries may be obeying old processing methods or unwilling to increase short-term costs, resulting in a poor production environment and inefficient conditions. Not only does it affect its production efficiency, it also does not guarantee the safe production and health of production personnel. As far as I know friends in the polishing industry, the automatic polishing machine currently on the market can completely add dust and dust extraction devices, which will undoubtedly greatly improve the working environment.

    In addition, the safeguard mechanism is completely ignored. Due to the low legal awareness of the personnel involved in the relevant processing, the understanding of the protection of their own legitimate rights and interests is not in place, and often the work that is easy to bring about occupational diseases should be considered to have corresponding protection, such as medical insurance and safety insurance. For industries that may have occupational diseases, enterprises must adopt corresponding guarantee mechanisms, and occupational diseases should have enterprises to bear the main medical expenses.

    Pay attention to the initiative to protect yourself and increase your knowledge of self-protection. Strengthen legal awareness and awareness of rights protection, and learn to use resources reasonably to protect rights when legal rights are not guaranteed. Our business owners should not just consider the immediate interests. They should constantly update their technical equipment and adopt new processing methods with high degree of automation to ensure the safety of workers' production while improving production efficiency. The short-term renewal costs will be exchanged for a long time. The multifaceted interests.