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China Polishing Machine Manufacturers Share The Scope Of Use

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    April 12, 2019 11:22 PM EDT

    Nowadays, many industries use polishing machines, which are used to help the secondary processing of the products to achieve the drawing effect, so the scope of application is still very wide. So today, with the China Polishing Machine manufacturers to see where the general application is. Let's go.

    1. The furniture industry such as flat planks, furniture metal handles, and another workpiece sanding;
    2. hardware materials and products aluminum profiles and their products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, plumbing and sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signs and plates, hardware craft jewelry, knife and scissors, door flaps, car bicycles Sanding and drawing of workpieces such as spare parts, tableware, shackle products, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone casings, watches and clocks, etc.; electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding.
    3. can also be used for mobile phone casing, MP3, digital products, notebook computers, PC board drawing and so on.