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    May 17, 2019 2:56 AM EDT

    Today, let's discuss the advantages of electrochemical deburring with China Polishing Machine manufacturers.

    Electrochemical deburring is an advanced deburring technology. It is a new technology with rapid development and wide application in electrochemical machining (ECM). As a special application form of electrochemical machining, it has no mechanical force on the machined workpiece, is easy to realize automation or semi-automation, is suitable for removing burrs of metal parts with high hardness and high toughness, and can perform limited machining on specific parts of the workpiece.

    Electrochemical deburring has obvious advantages for complicated inner cavity parts which are difficult to handle manually and have poor accessibility, especially for burrs of intersecting lines of intersecting holes. Electrochemical deburring can obtain higher edge uniformity and good surface quality for machining edges, and has the advantages of good deburring effect, safety, reliability, high efficiency and the like. Compared with the traditional process, the efficiency can be improved by 10 times to one in general.

    Electrochemical deburring equipment has a series of products, which are widely used in many industries such as automobile engines, general engineering machinery, aerospace, pneumatic and hydraulic, etc. It is an important equipment with large production batch and wide application field in electrochemical machining machine tools.