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Installation Notes For China Polishing Machine

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    May 21, 2019 1:41 AM EDT

    What is the relationship between the operation of the China Polishing Machine and the polishing environment? What are the requirements for the polishing equipment during operation? Is it stable? In fact, these are not only related to the equipment, but also have a great relationship with the environment in which the polishing equipment is installed.

    In the equipment of the multi-station polishing machine, the placement of the position will affect the operation of the polishing equipment. One equipment is mainly divided into three parts, the mechanical part, the electronic control part, and the isolation studio. If placed casually, it will affect the back. The operation will also create certain dangers. The polishing head is mainly based on the polishing process to determine the placement of each polishing station, first rough throw, to the middle throw, and then to the fine throw. Arrange the neat head according to the assembly line, and arrange the lines to avoid obstructing the work during maintenance inspection. If you accidentally fall down, it will cause safety hazards.

    Pay attention to the changes in the environment when installing the polishing machine. Do not install the device directly or close to the heat source. The ambient temperature is preferably controlled between 5 °C and 40 °C. If the humidity is high, try to control the relative humidity below 75%, otherwise it will affect the operation of the equipment. Do not install near the source as much as possible. If it must be installed, it is necessary to dig trenches or test measures around the machine to prevent earthquakes. The ground needs to be firm and flat to prevent the machine from sinking or tilting, and to avoid affecting the polishing accuracy. Another point is that there is no water on the ground. It is very dangerous to have water in the case of power supply. Pay attention to leakage protection. When installing, the electric control cabinet should be connected according to the wiring requirements. It must be ensured that the ground connection is correct.

    Pay attention to these installation details during polishing and polishing, to avoid affecting the final polishing effect of the product, to make better use of the equipment, and to maximize the function of the equipment.

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