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LED Holiday Light - Benefits Of LED Christmas Lights

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    May 21, 2019 2:17 AM EDT


    LED Christmas Light Benefits


    There are many reasons to change from traditional incandescent Christmas lights to LED bulbs this year. Here are just a few:


    Using LEDs allows you to hang more lights. The energy used is reduced by 80-90%, which means you can increase the light by 80-90% and will not exceed the energy consumption of previous years. So go crazy, chandeliers from drains, roofs, gables, surrounding trees and contour walkways.


    LED bulbs are almost unbreakable. When hanging the Christmas lights, use a helping hand, toss the light bulb on the roof, or lift the ladder and the sidewalk, don't worry about broken glass. Even strong winds push the light bulbs into the house without destroying them. Rugged acrylic plastic wraps LED bulbs that reflect light while safely holding each LED.


    You can pinch the LED bulb and go. Hang the lights, don't worry that the bulbs will go out during the season because of their long life. Simply attach the individual light clips to the roof line using an integral light clip (or other preferred clip) and walk away with confidence.


    When they are screwed into an existing stringer, it is easy to upgrade to an LED bulb. Replace this year's glass bulb with this year's LED bulb.


    LEDs have vivid colors and have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. Without paint peeling or cracking, LEDs remain active throughout the season.


    LED Christmas lights project gorgeous and beautiful colors, and the difference is often very obvious when used outdoors. The cool white has a strong icy appearance, the warm white has a soft romantic glow, and the green, red, blue and every other color shines so brightly that people can't help but stop and enjoy.


    LED Christmas lights are also available in a variety of sizes, from miniature LEDs on ultra-thin lines to large C9 bulbs. LED net lights, icicle lights, rope lights, decorations and even trees are available to choose from, allowing families and businesses to fully transition to any LED lighting design. Ninghai County Yuhua Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. can explain more about the technology behind LED Christmas lights and help you compare bulbs of different shapes.


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