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At startup: What does the vane pump pay attention to?

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    May 22, 2019 2:10 AM EDT


    There are some things to be aware of when starting the vane pump. The   Vickers Vane Pump    instructions:


    1. Before the pump starts, check the inlet, outlet and steering. The direction of rotation of the pump should be consistent with the direction indicated by the product label.


    2. Before the initial start-up, the pump's casing should be filled with oil (through the drain port) and the coupling should be rotated by hand. It should feel uniform and flexible when rotating. When starting for the first time, the system should be operated in a liquid-free state in order to fill the system and vent the pump and piping. Only after the air in the system is emptied can it be pressurized.


    3. When the initial work or long-term parking is started again, the suction will occur. Therefore, install the exhaust valve at the output end, or loosen the outlet flange slightly to remove the air and, as far as possible, under no-load conditions. Conduct a test run.


    4. When adjusting the displacement of the variable vane pump, first loosen the locknut, then rotate the adjusting screw, and pay attention to the direction of rotating the adjusting screw when increasing or decreasing the displacement. After the adjustment is completed, the nut should be tightened. When adjusting the pressure of the variable vane pump, it should also pay attention to the correct rotation of the pressure regulating screw when increasing and decreasing the pressure. After the adjustment is completed, the nut should be tightened.