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What Factors Determine The Price Of The Villa Elevator

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    May 30, 2019 11:36 PM EDT


    Villa Elevator checks items in terms of correct operation
    1. Whether the switches, buttons and signals on the control panel of the elevator car in the villa are correct.
    Second, the call of the outer station of the hall, the floor display is correct.
    3. Whether the plane position of the car stop layer is accurate.
    Fourth, the control panel accepts commands and controls whether the actual running actions are coordinated.
    5. Whether the actual load in the elevator car of the villa is consistent with the rated load in the car.
    What factors determine the price of the villa elevator
    First, the structure of the villa elevator
    The impact of the villa elevator structure on the price. Villa elevators are divided into two types: traction villa elevators and hydraulic villa elevators. Traction elevators are divided into three types: backpack type, gantry type and strong traction. The price of different structures will also be different.
    Second, the way the villa elevator opens
    The elevator door opening method of the villa is beautiful. However, in many cases, it is limited by the conditions of the hoistway. It can only be used for double-folding, double-folding or double-hand opening. Because of the complexity of the process, the price of the villa elevator is also Will change moderately.
    1. The elevator is part of the barrier-free design, and the elderly and parents with children will like it very much.
    2, villa space is generally divided into basement, first floor, second floor, and even more layers. From the perspective of functional use, there are elderly people at home or inconvenient at night. At this time, we use elevators, which are ideal, and also quality of life. Improvement.
    3. In terms of villa decoration, the elevator can upgrade the hardware grade of the villa, highlighting the noble taste and personality of the villa owner; improving the quality of life of the villa owner, making the indoor transportation of the villa more convenient and more conducive to the owner's home life; Some single patterns have made the originally fixed upstairs and downstairs space agile, adding to the indoor vitality and charm.
    4, villa elevator car decoration as a whole using home improvement materials, warm and elegant wooden finishes can fully complement the decoration style of the home, the elevator door design is also more fashionable and beautiful. At first glance, you will think that it is a room door, you will not realize that it is an elevator.