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    May 31, 2019 1:55 AM EDT

    Today, Vibratory Finishing Machine manufacturers share the maintenance issues that should be noted during vibration motor operation.

    Vibration motors are generally installed in places with harsh working environment and large dust. The motor itself has no fan cooling. It relies on natural cooling. In addition to the maintenance of ordinary motors, it should also pay attention to the following aspects:

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    1. often check the motor surface hygiene

    2. Clean up in time when dust is affected by heat

    3. Always check if the motor foot fixing bolt is loose.

    4. Fasten to the required torque with a torque wrench when loosening

    5. check whether the vibration is abnormal


    1. Stop when the vibration is abnormal, and disassemble the eccentric block shield to check and handle

    2. Is the eccentric block guard tight?

    3. Shutdown when the seal is not strict

    4. Is the motor outlet cable worn?

    5. if worn, stop processing

    6. whether the bearing is short of oil

    7. Fill the oil with a grease gun every 2 months during the operation, and repair it once a year.

    8. the motor current is normal

    9. abnormal shutdown check processing

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