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How To Eliminate: Excessive Noise Of The Vane Pump

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    May 31, 2019 2:55 AM EDT


    The inspection steps for excessive noise of the vane pump and how to eliminate it, the   Vane Pump Manufacturers   answers:


    1. The first thing to check is the suction port or filter to see if there is any blockage. If it is, remove the dirt and keep the suction pipe open. If not, continue to the next step.


    2. Check if the seal at the suction port connection is sufficient. Air entering is a cause of noise. We need to strengthen the seal and tighten the connector.


    3. Check if the suction port is too high and the tank level is too low. This phenomenon is also the source of noise. We need to lower the suction port height and refuel the tank.


    4. Check if the pump and coupling are at different axes or loose. If this happens, we need to reinstall it to make it concentric and fasten the connector.


    5. Loose connection screws can also cause the blade pump to be noisy. We need to tighten it properly during maintenance.


    6. There is also too much viscosity of the hydraulic oil, and the flow capacity of the suction port filter is small.


    Solution: Replace the hydraulic oil with the proper viscosity and replace the filter with large flow capacity.


    7. Look for the presence of the inner surface of the stator, the wear of the surface in the oil absorption area of ​​the stator, the inflexibility of the individual blades, or the reverse of the movement. If so, we need to polish the inner surface of the stator, flip the stator, and check one by one. Reinstallation, repair methods for inflexible blade reassembly


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