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Air Compressor Inlet Pipe: Attention To Selection!   

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    June 3, 2019 12:05 AM EDT


    Yuyao Linsheng    elaborated the following 4 points should be paid attention to when selecting the air intake pipe of the air compressor:


    (1) In the air system layout, the air intake resistance at the air intake of the air compressor should be less than 400mmH2O;


    (2) The inner diameter of the air inlet pipe shall meet the air inlet resistance requirement at the air inlet of the air compressor;


    (3) The intake pipe must be a hard pipe or SAE high pressure hose, which is connected to the end of the engine intake pipe far away from the negative pressure area or the outlet of the air filter;


    (4) Use high-quality line cards and support installation pipelines with the same service life as automobiles/machinery.


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