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Vickers Vane Pump-Vane Pump: What Application Meaning

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    June 3, 2019 11:54 PM EDT


    Vane pumps, especially variable vane pumps, are mostly used in fixed industrial production equipment and ships. High-pressure quantitative vane pumps can also be used in walking machinery.


    As we all know, the hydraulic system of various metal cutting machine tools is generally of low power (less than 20 kW) and medium working pressure (commonly used 7 MPa), and the output flow of the hydraulic pump is required to be stable, low noise and long life, which is in line with the characteristics of the vane pump. Therefore, the hydraulic system of metal cutting machine tools is very suitable for using vane pump as oil source.


    Dual vane pumps consisting of low pressure large displacement pumps and high pressure small displacement pumps are very suitable for processing equipments with different speeds of advance and retreat and working feed, because three different flow rates can be obtained by superposition and switching. When the hydraulic actuator moves rapidly, the pressure oil from the low pressure and large flow pump 1 enters the system through the unidirectional valve 4 and the pressure oil from the high pressure and small flow pump Z. During the slow stroke of the actuator, the pressure of the system rises. When the pressure reaches the regulating value of the hydraulic sequential valve 3, the valve 3 opens to unload the pump 1 and the pump 2 supplies oil to the system separately. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the two pumps in the double pump, the setting pressure of valve 3 should be 15%-20% higher than the actual pressure required for fast travel, and the regulating value of relief valve 5 should be at least 0.5 MPa higher than that of valve 3. The advantage of this hydraulic circuit is its high efficiency.


    For various small and medium-sized pressure processing, casting, rubber and plastic moulding equipments with large load variation in one operation cycle, the variable vane pump with pressure compensation function can meet these requirements by energy-saving operation mode, and the cost is low, because it is often required to "keep pressure" on the processing object or die. However, due to the increase of the working pressure of the hydraulic system in the new generation of mechanical equipment and the great progress made by other components, especially modern variable piston pumps, in reducing noise, manufacturing cost and pressure, rotating speed, power, efficiency and optional variable modes, variable vane pumps show obvious disparities, with little excellence except lower price and better self-priming ability. The potential is beyond words. Therefore, a considerable portion of variable vane pumps are inevitably replaced by variable piston pumps with better comprehensive performance and more varied adjusting modes or quantitative vane pumps and internal meshing gear pumps driven by variable speed motor, which are developing rapidly.


    The new high performance quantitative vane pump can not only be used in industrial hydraulic field, but also replace the external meshing gear pump in the hydraulic system of walking machinery. Especially in the field of car hydraulic system and steering 1J force system of truck, it has great advantages. In addition, the applications in engineering machinery, heavy vehicles, deck machinery and aerospace equipment are also increasing day by day. Together with the internal meshing gear pump, they will become the mainstream products of high performance quantitative hydraulic pumps in the future.


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