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LED Light Chain : What Are The Applications?

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    June 4, 2019 11:53 PM EDT


    1.LED net lamp

    The LED net lamp is a festival lighting product which connects the LED with electric wires. It is suitable for large-area wall decoration and ceiling lighting arrangement. Our LED net lamp can be made into square LED net lamp, circular LED net lamp, U-shaped LED net lamp, triangular LED net lamp, V-shaped LED net lamp, star-shaped LED net lamp and other shapes. The controller can produce dimming, chasing flash, and running water to chase left and right. Equivalent effect.


    2. LED Curtain Lamp


    3.LED ice lantern

    LED ice lamp is a series of LED light chains with different numbers of bubbles. The controller can achieve flashing, chasing and other effects. It hangs under the eaves and imitates the posture of ice bar hanging in Northern China. The flashing effect can bring people closer to the world of ice and snow and create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.

    Our ice lamp can make 1 loop, 2 loop and 4 loop. With the controller, it can produce eight functions such as flicker, chasing, gradient and so on.


    4. Dual-circuit LED lamp chain

    The LED Ruyi Starlight is composed of an extended LED lamp chain and an external controller, which can achieve a variety of flashing lighting effects.


    5. Single-circuit LED lamp chain

    (1) Single-circuit LED lamp chain is always bright, non-extensible and can be selected in many colors.

    (2) Double insulation structure is adopted, each wire and connection of each wire are double insulated to ensure safety and reliability.

    After waterproof treatment, it can be used outdoors, safe and reliable!


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