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Later NBA Playoff Changes to Seedings

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    June 5, 2019 11:04 PM EDT

    Then in 1984 came the big change when the nba mt coins expanded its playoff field from 12 to 16 teams and each team played in the first round. All first-round matchups were best-of-five series, requiring teams to win three games in order to advance.

    The NBA attempted a number of different things relating to their playoff rules, one of which was to have guaranteed top seeds, regardless of record, for the division champions. This happened in 2005 but was quickly changed in 2007 to make it so that the division champions were only guaranteed a top-four seed.

    This remained in place for a number of years, but there were issues with how this wound up structuring the NBA playoff bracket and the layout of early-round matchups.

    After a stretch until 2016 under that format, it became that apparent that another change was needed. In turn, the NBA chose to give the teams with the eight best records a playoff berth. Beyond that, there was no guaranteed top-four seeding for teams who won their divisions. This made 2k20 mt for sale so that the eight teams with the best records in the Eastern and Western Conferences would be seeded based on their record and tiebreakers.