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Here’s how Woo describes Brunson’s game.

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    June 10, 2019 2:31 AM EDT

    The son of former NBA guard and current Timberwolves assistant Rick Brunson, Jalen has the benefit of having grown up around the league and has an elite feel for running an offense. He relies buying mt 2k20 his considerable craft to compensate for a lack of top-flight quickness and understands how to pick his spots, change speed and direction and score the ball. Brunson is also a good three-point shooter, and his steely on-court demeanor will appeal to teams. Defensively he’ll have to work hard to cut it, but he’s too intelligent not to figure things out

    The following is my overview of Brunson’s strengths, weaknesses and how the Villanova guard projects in the NBA.

    Jalen Brunson NBA Draft Porfile

    Strengths: Brunson is one of the best scorers in college basketball with the majority of his baskets coming at the rim or behind the three-point line. Brunson has become a prolific three-point shooter going 42.3 percent from behind the arc on 194 attempts this season making it a strong sample size. Brunson shoots over 80 percent from the free throw line, a stat many evaluators believe is a better indicator of whether 2k20 mt pc player will be able to shoot in the NBA.