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What Are The Parts Of China Polishing Machine?

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    June 11, 2019 2:05 AM EDT

    China Polishing Machine has gradually become the mainstream of polishing processing, but many companies and individuals who use automatic polishing equipment do not know enough about the machinery itself, resulting in improper mechanical operation and frequent failures. This has a lot to do with the disconnection between the processing operation and the mechanical operation in the process of industrial transformation. The reason why it is out of line is that the mechanical structure is not eager to put into production.

    Now let's share the main components of the China Polishing Machine.

    1. Polishing workbench: The automatic polishing equipment has a worktable for polishing products. There are round, square, and clamped, various types, which are mainly set according to the polishing products. The workbench is mainly used for fixing products and driving the products for polishing, and ensuring that the surface of the product needs to be polished can be polished. For example, cylindrical side polishing, we need to design an automatic rotating table and fixture to ensure the side five corner polishing.

    2. Polishing consumables: The spindle is fixed to the polishing wheel, and the manual machine also has this part, which is the main configuration of polishing. During automatic polishing, the spindle under pressure contact polishing product achieves a smooth surface finish by physical polishing. Some of the more automated equipment are also equipped with automatic compensation devices. When the polishing consumables wear out during the polishing process due to long-term wear, the device can automatically compensate for the distance between the consumables and the polished workpiece.

    3. Motor: divided into main motor and servo motor. The main motor is used to drive the spindle to rotate, and the polishing wheel rotates the main power. Generally speaking, the higher the polishing wheel speed, the better the polishing effect. In fact, the servo motor is mainly used to ensure the stability of the mechanical rocking and polishing operation. Some equipments are not equipped for cost saving or equipment with lower polishing requirements.

    4. Dust-proof device: Manual polishing of dust is highly harmful, although automatic polishing is less due to manual contact, but dust is not reduced. The dust cover device is used for polishing dust of mobile phones, and the dust in the air is greatly reduced by measures such as dusting and dust accumulation, and the dust is harmed to the human body.

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