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portable crusher plant: walking production line

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    June 11, 2019 9:42 PM EDT

    In recent years, China's real estate industry and infrastructure construction has flourished, resulting in an increase in construction waste production year by year. Construction waste has already accounted for about 40% of urban solid waste, and many cities are surrounded by construction waste. And the ensuing land resources and environmental pollution problems have become increasingly serious. In order to realize the environmentally-friendly development of the city, China has proposed a utilization plan for the recycling of construction waste. What is the recycling of construction waste? As we all know, construction waste can not be directly used, most of them through the crushing, screening and other modes to achieve backfill of construction waste and the production of recycled aggregates, and even with the use of brick machine, the fine aggregate into a variety of environmentally friendly bricks. This kind of treatment not only avoids the secondary pollution of the environment, but also further develops the circular economy. With the continuous advancement of technology, market economy competition has intensified. For the crusher industry, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. In a highly competitive environment, product differentiation becomes a major factor in the market structure. The degree to which companies control the market depends on how successful they are to differentiate their products. It is very important to grasp the key point of product differentiation. The construction waste moving crushing station was born under such a background. The construction waste portable crusher plant integrates the construction waste into the process of material receiving, crushing, conveying, processing, reprocessing, etc., and becomes a powerful mobile production and processing line through different equipment combinations to complete the multi-demand construction waste processing operation. It has the characteristics of structural optimization, light and reasonable, versatility, etc. It overcomes the shortcomings of large separation of equipment components and scattered operation. Compared with the fixed crushing station, the construction waste moving crushing station can realize on-site processing, which can be said to be a "walking" production line.