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    June 11, 2019 10:15 PM EDT

    No topic is debated more among NBA fans than the pros and cons buy nba 2k20 mt “super teams”. The assumption is teams in bigger markets clear cap space, and lure marquee free agents away from smaller markets. To be clear, this does happen, but this is not how the Warriors built one of the best organizations in the NBA. Golden State’s success is a product of the NBA draft, and it is the same way we have seen winning NBA franchises be built for decades.

    When fans complain about super teams, what we’re really asking is for NBA GM’s to build better teams. With the exception of the 2016 addition of Kevin Durant, the core of the Warriors all came through the draft. Steph Curry was drafted No. 7 in the 2009 draft, Klay Thompson No. 11 in the 2011 draft and selecting Draymond Green in the second round (No. 35 overall) of the 2012 draft.

    Why were all three of those picks so successful? The reasons are worth a separate article, but the biggest thing the Warriors were able to do is identify talent that was undervalued by the rest of the league. For Curry, teams questioned his size, Thompson had off-court challenges and Green was a position-less big man with weight concerns. In economic terms, the Warriors capitalized 2k20 mt purchase market inefficiencies the same way any other team could have done.