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What Is The Process Of The PP Bottle ?

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    June 12, 2019 2:38 AM EDT


    Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd  . Description: PP bottles are mainly molded in one-step injection blow molding (ISBM) and two-step heating blow-blow (SBM) molding machines. PP Bottle    are transparent, strong and heat-resistant. Advantages, the price is also lower than traditional materials. Https://

    1. PP bottles can be stored at 100 ° C for hot filling. For example, juice and jam products need to be packaged at this temperature, while ordinary PET bottles can not be filled at a temperature higher than 76 ° C of glass transition. BOPP bottles are widely used in functional beverage packaging because they can withstand temperatures above 100t2.

    2. PP has a barrier property to moisture of about 5 times that of PET, and PP preform production equipment has a lower price than PET preform production equipment.

    3. Compared with PET, the price of PP is 10%-30% cheaper than PET, the density of 0.9g/cc is less than the density of PET 1.35g/cc, the weight of PP bottle is lighter than PET bottle, and the PP bottle is lighter than PET bottle. The recycling time is long, so the production cost is lower.

    4. Studies have shown that the impact strength of PP bottles can be increased from 4.7 ft to 7.8 ft after adding 15% of the polyolefin prepared from the ethylene/metallocene catalyst to the mixed transparent silicon-free copolymerized polypropylene.