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    June 13, 2019 1:52 AM EDT

    Solar Lights Over the past decade, fossil fuels have become more expensive, and more and more companies and people are looking for a sustainable/green alternative energy source. Solar lights are clearly a more affordable off-grid solution than rooftop solar panels in grid-bundling systems. In general, solar lights have many advantages, such as no power plugs and simple installation, but are solar lights good enough to replace off-the-shelf lights? Led Street Light Factory shares some key points about solar lighting:

    Solar lights are a more environmentally friendly option because they do not require electricity and therefore do not require standard power. Solar lights are easy to install and move to where they are needed because all the wires are on the same pole.

    Solar lights provide soft light because the power supply is limited and the LEDs operate at a higher efficiency than the AC power supply at 12 VDC.

    Each solar light operates independently of the next solar light (except for certain applications, such as signs, billboards, etc.). The low voltage provided by solar panels is as safe as AC lighting. LEDs with directional illumination provide more light where needed, providing less light where it is not needed. Fixture styles are common to many different application and architectural requirements.