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    July 11, 2019 3:43 AM EDT

    Today, Led Flood Light Factory shares the specific installation steps for LED street lights.

    It is preferred to do insulation test: use the vibration meter to measure the insulation between the wires and the ground, check whether the cable is intact, and whether there is leakage. The test values ​​should meet the requirements of the specification. After the telemetry is completed, the core wire should be discharged to the ground. The end of the cable is sealed with a rubber blanket and wrapped with tape.

    Followed by the specific street lamp installation:
    1. The installation height of the street lamp in the same position (from the light source to the ground), the elevation angle, and the direction of the lamp should be consistent.

    2. The longitudinal centerline of the lamp installation and the longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm should be consistent. The horizontal horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel to the ground. After tightening, the visual inspection should be free of skew.

    3. The lamp holder is fixed firmly, the adjustable lamp cap should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and the lamp head wiring should meet the requirements.

    4. All kinds of nuts are fastened, and gaskets and spring pads should be added.

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