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China Polishing Machine manufacturer

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    October 7, 2019 11:40 PM EDT

    When the small round tube rust polishing machine is operated, the operation details can be grasped, the polishing efficiency can be improved, and the polishing efficiency can be improved. Let's take a look at the usage precautions with the China Polishing Machine manufacturer:

    1. When attaching the polishing wax to the polishing wheel, do not use too much force to allow the polishing wheel to rotate freely. After polishing, remove the wax on the polishing wheel with a soft cloth dampened with talcum powder.

    2. use the workpiece to gently rub the surface of the wheel, you can remove the sharp angle of the surface, if necessary, you can also apply polishing wax, but not excessive.

    3. if the use of wax is excessive, you can use a special tool to wipe, the effect is not satisfactory, you can re-coat the wax again.

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