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Electric Motor Manufacturer - What Is A Brushless Dc Motor?

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    October 8, 2019 2:22 AM EDT


    Why does the motor automatically trip after the motor is energized?   Electric Motor Manufacturer     to tell you

    Generally, there are several reasons for tripping after the motor is energized: motor leakage, motor short circuit, motor overload or improper selection of circuit breaker air switch.

    1, motor leakage
    The leakage of the motor will cause the current imbalance of the fire zero line to cause the leakage protector to trip. Generally, the leakage trip speed is very fast. If the leakage is serious, it will jump off in a flash. Sometimes, even the switch of the leakage protector cannot be pushed up. .

    Generally, there will be leakage, that is, the wire sheath is damaged, or the individual does not wire the cable according to the regulations. The wire with poor quality is selected, and then the leakage will occur. The leakage should be checked in time and the insulation treatment should be done in time.

    2, motor short circuit
    When a motor short circuit occurs, we must first see whether it is a single-phase motor or a three-phase motor. If it is a single-phase motor, the live wire and the neutral wire are short-circuited. Generally, the internal insulation damage causes a short circuit. When this happens, we can separate The motor smelled a burning smell.

    If the three-phase motor is short-circuited, it is more complicated. There is a short-circuit between the phase and the phase. If the three-phase motor is short-circuited, it must be measured with a shaker to determine the cause of the short-circuit.


    3, motor overload
    Motor overload is a common problem. There are many reasons for motor overload, such as card 涩, phase loss, voltage instability, etc. Motor overload is better judged. Touch the surface of the motor to see if it is hot. Observe whether the motor is rotating. High and low, even suddenly dropped to zero.

    4. Use circuit breaker too small
    When the circuit breaker is too small, we generally choose the circuit breaker according to the rated current of the motor. Generally, it is 2 to 2.5 times of the rated current of the motor. Of course, it depends on the site environment. Will affect the selection criteria.

    The above are the three reasons that caused the motor to automatically trip, we can rely on the site conditions. Find the most appropriate method to solve the problem quickly and ensure safe operation.

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